building with purpose

Come build with purpose

Since 1985, Brigil has been making its mark on the National Capital Region, both in the real estate market and in philanthropy. Our current real estate holdings include 4,000 residential rental units and nearly one million square feet of commercial space.



Our ambition:

  • Build 10,000 rental units within 5 years, and 20,000 rental units within 10 years
  • Recruit the best 1,000 candidates within 10 years to develop, design, build, market, lease and manage the 44,500 units that are in our long-term game plan.


We need your talent, ideas and commitment to fuel the company’s growth and help build an exceptional region.



At Brigil, there’s a whole career waiting for you.

Come build with purpose at [email protected]

A long-term career

With over 30 ongoing projects and enough land in store to fuel the next 10 years, Brigil offers employment stability in a variety of fields.

Major projects

Economical and urban development in your region thanks to projects that will redefine the nation’s capital region and leave a legacy for future generations.

An experienced team

Experience, mentoring, coaching, advancement opportunities and trust. We love to build living environments, but also the workforce of tomorrow.

Discover our job opportunities

Due to our sustained growth, Brigil is looking for highly dynamic people to join our team. Brigil is committed to fostering an inclusive, fair, and accessible workplace, where all employees and customers feel valued, respected, and supported. An environment that respects and reflects the diversity of the communities in which we live and in which all team members have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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Our mission is first and foremost to help each one of our clients in their life course and create a healthy and dynamic work environment for our employees. With our full range of high-quality real estate products and services, we ensure client satisfaction, no matter what their needs are.


Becoming a leader in real estate development in the nation’s capital: an impossible feat without the ongoing support of the best partners and employees, a goal towards which we continuously strive with passion and dedication.


At Brigil, we respect our clients, our partners, our competitors, and we maintain our reputation.  Our strength lies in the accomplishment of teamwork. Our employees are the force that leverages us, and we support their development. We protect the environment for our future generations’ well being and we are proud to build a better quality of life.

Are you a college or university student?

Are you a college or university-level student? Take advantage of our internships and summer jobs! A solid team, filled to the brim with experience, will help you discover your full potential. Thanks to the coaching and mentoring of our senior members, you’ll gather experience and incomparable expertise, right in the heart of the action.  No, you will not be a mere bystander: you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands dirty!  It will be our team members’ pleasure to train you and help you get into the job market. Come join us!

I'm very proud to be part of a company that's so well rooted in the community.
I'm proud of my community, and when I leave, I know I'll have left my mark at Brigil.
Each person is part of the chain of projects at Brigil, full of challenges, yes! But perfectly designed to welcome different areas of expertise.
Here, I got the chance to create and explore multiple horizons, without any limits of what is possible.